Customer Testimonials

Pat & Joe Callesano

"To anyone, investigating, contemplating, thinking of, or wondering where the perfect place to have your beloved dog, groomed and boarded is, we can say with strong conviction that Doggie Designs, owned and operatied by Kim Scott, is the perfect place to go.

We have been long time customers of Doggie Designs and have found them to be a grooming and boarding facility that goes beyond the normal call of duty. They have absolutely and sincerely taken a special interest in our old time friend "Halligan" our St. Bernard of 12 years.

Besides the expert grooming and well equipped boarding facility, Kim and her staff would call our home to check on our dog if they were aware of him not being well. They never object to what I consider special circumstances like a specific feeding program or if there were medicines to dole out.

Going away on business and/or pleasure was always less stressful because we 100% of the time had comfortable piece of mind in knowing our dog was safe and cared for to the same levels or above the levels we provided for him at our home.

We can say, with absolute certainty, that Doggie Designs is hands down the place to bring your best friend, your constant companion, your pet. The combination of the nicely designed boarding facility and the amazing care and passion Kim and her staff give to the animals is unbeatable. Doggie Designs is second to none and far exceeds the competition both locally and in the adjoining towns.

Thank you for allowing us to share our opinions and experiences concerning this most amazing place of business.

Pat and Joe Callesano

Rhonda Hanaway Center Harbor, NH

"If you are a pet owner, you know that your pet becomes such an important part of your family. As a big hockey family, we travel frequently. We also travel to Rhode Island to see our family and sometimes we cannot bring Buddy, our Golden Retriever. We always feel so comfortable leaving Buddy with Doggie Designs. It's his "home away from home". He gets a big greeting when he arrives and he gets so excited! He even has a nickname there, "Buddy Love", because it's such a friendly place. We never, ever worry about him when we are away. Doggie Designs gives us the peace of mind knowing that he is in good hands. He also has his "buddies" that he hangs out with there when we are gone. (Yes, the pets of the rest of our hockey friends!). It's like a big hangout for him. He is always happy and excited when we pick him up, too. We are impressed because Buddy always eats and acts his normal self there. There's something to be said about that. Buddy also gets a good grooming there, the best we've ever seen. Kim and her staff are always so happy and professional because they love what they do...and that makes all the difference in the world!"

David and Charlene Gilford NH

"Brady, our big furry Newf, is much more than our dog. The team at Doggie Designs not only keeps him looking great,but their caring approach with him demonstrates how important your selection of a groomer is. How your dog is cared for is as important as how they look, and Doggie Designs at both."


"Perhaps like me, you've never been without a special dog...but at times I have been without a special groomer. Finding one with needed qualities like a genuine love of animals, superb training and reliability is not often easy. Does finding someone with all those PLUS creativity, ingenuity and inspiration sound impossible? It's not! Kim at Doggie Designs has it all. With 8 years of her caring for my special "friend" I should know. Learn what I learned. Call for an appointment: You'll find what I found!"

Bob & Glen

"We have been bringing our Sheltie to Kim at Doggie Design for over 7 years. We live in Belmont and have followed Kim from Meredith to Center Harbor because of the excellent job and care she and her staff do grooming our dog. When he comes out of her shop he looks like a champion. We had the awfull experience of having to get a last min. appointment at another dog grooming facility and it turned out to be a quick chop job, extremely stressfull for our dog and us. It was so noisey the dog was scared. Kim's shop is more personal and the noise level alot less. Kim and her staff are very alert and make you aware of any skin issues etc. that thay may find while grooming your pet. Mr. Bean actually looks forward to his visits to Doggie Design."

Sue Wolfeboro, NH

"The professionals at Doggie Designs really take the time to listen to my ideas and concerns, but it is the attention to detail that I truly appreciate. I have two terriers and though they can be a handful, Kim and company are very loving and patient with them. They keep an eye out for any potential skin or health problems, pointing out to me reasons for concern on more than one occasion. And my dogs look so beautiful! Being a faithful customer for almost 9 years, I highly recommend the grooming experts at Doggie Designs."